Mildew and mold on hard surfaces, like tiles, are difficult to eliminate. However, it is even worse to minimize the amount of mildew and mold on carpeting. Moreover, mold can be usually found at the back of a carpet where it’s not visible until it becomes worse.  

Usually, others say that the main culprit that causes carpet mold is moisture. Also, others claim that eliminating the moisture of a carpet would take care of the issues when it comes to mold. But, this is just partly true. It turns out that carpet molds are actually easy to manage and control the moisture is only a part of the solution. 

Is basement the carpet’s main enemy? 

A lot of homeowners avoid setting up carpets in their basements because of the possibility of having a moldy carpet. Basements are particularly damp areas, just as basements that appear dry as you smell, touch, and see them. Even the slightest humidity that will be trapped in a basement can cause a problem over time. 

Mold vs. Clean Carpets 

It’s important to remember that once the carpet is not sufficiently clean, it’s nearly resistant to any mod growth regardless of the conditions. Studies show that a clean nylon carpet will not cultivate any mold even if it’s exposed to high humidity levels and high temperature.  

Once a carpet obtains dirt, molds could develop for two possible reasons— the dirt contains moisture and mold spores. Thus, the moisture’s dirt along with the ambient humidity of a room gives a great cultivation ground for mold. 

What’s even worse is the fact that dirt is a hygroscopic material. Which means that dirt would willingly soak up any moisture it could get whether it is surface moisture or ambient humidity. To put it simply, dirt is the magnet of moisture. 

Ways to avoid carpet mold 

Preventing mildew and mold from infesting your carpet is actually easy to do. Just follow the simple instructions below: 

Maintain a low humidity 

The ideal level to keep your carpet mold-free is 65% below. Even the humidity of 60% is often claimed as the highest perfect level. You can set up a portable dehumidifier if your house isn’t normally low in humidity.  

Maintain a low temperature 

In carpets, temperature could greatly cause the development of mold. 80F above is already identified as high. An effective HVAC could possibly hit 2 birds at once since it both lowers temperature and humidity.  

Maintain the cleanliness of your carpet.  

Even though there’s no exact definition of “clean,” it’s expected that a carpet, which is vacuumed regularly every week, will sufficiently clean your carpet to prevent mold to cultivate and grow. 

Set up carpet materials that are human-made 

Organic material for carpets, like wool, are more susceptible to mold development compared to the inorganic ones like olefin or nylon.  

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