It’s not necessary to purchase a lot of gallons of paint for you to transform your room. Once the paint is carefully applied into specific areas all over your house, the outcome could be just as breathtaking compared to repainting the whole area. This is particularly true once you select a high-contrast color in which even a minimal color of paint could display a major impact. If you would like to achieve the best results for the lowest budget, you can try to repaint one of the areas below.  

Paint the railings 

Transforming your staircase could dramatically change your home’s look most especially if it is the first thing that meets the eye of the guests as they visit your home. Instead of trying to paint the entire staircase or room, you can try painting just the railings of your stairs. This task will need less painter’s tape when compared to recoating the stair risers. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the paint to wear off or become slippery once you paint the stair treads.  

Underneath the kitchen counter 

If you own a kitchen island, think about applying a fresh coat of paint on the exterior beneath the counter. You should select a hue that matches yet contrasts the colors of your kitchen cabinets in order to boost visual interest. Regardless of what color you select, go for a paint-finish that’s semi-gloss, which would make it simpler to wipe away marks and scuffs.  

Window framing 

To achieve a striking effect, you can provide the window frames a touch of paint. You can opt for a subtler yet still noticeable look, or for a contrasting hue, select a varied shade of the hue that’s already visible on the walls.  

Front door’s back 

We always take into consideration what color to paint for our front door since it could affect the value of the property and it’s what the guests see first as soon as they arrive—but what about the back part of our doors? After all, it is the last thing that we will see as we leave our home in the morning and it will also be the last impression that visitors will get once they leave your home. To make it memorable, you can try painting it with an unusual hue that still matches with your entire entryway decorations. 

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